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Ema () - 2003-10-31 11:38:37
We really think you should do away with these comments.

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-02 02:52:33
we do?

todd ([email protected]) - 2003-11-10 16:27:14
Wow, Some funny stuff here. You know, I moved here from Denver a few years ago, and there was this little bar in Downtown Denver that that had a large sign that simply read: DENVER IS A COW TOWN. Now at the time that I read this little piece of advice, I was just off to college (way the hell back in 1988), and I couldn't wait to get out of Denver. Hated it. Not the mountains, mind you, but the fact that there was precious little to do, and it was a really, really conservative state that pretended to be liberal (sound familiar?). My advice to you is this: ANN ARBOR IS A COW TOWN. If you change your perspective a bit, you may be surprised to find that ann arbor is one of the neatest Cowtowns around. If you listen to the morons who think that Ann Arbor is a small version of New York, there will be no end to your blog...which is fine by me, as it's absolutely hilarious. BTW, if you REALLY want to live in an overrated town, move to Boulder and hang out with the East Coast Trustifarians for a while. It says an awful lot that Ann Arbor likes to compare itself to Boulder. Keep on blogging! whatever that means.

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