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eston () - 2003-10-29 19:39:30
If the State wants me to stay in Michigan, they need to find a way to turn the climate to subtropical.

ann arbor is overrated ([email protected]) - 2003-10-29 23:08:05
Or they could implement my plan for the U - pack up and move it all to somewhere on the lake and close to Chicago. Leave the Ann Arborites to their peace and quiet and "Roger and Me"-esque economic implosion.

dan ([email protected]) - 2003-11-02 02:01:50
I think that affordable housing is cool Mr. Mayor. it's not cool to tear down affordable housing.

Mike ([email protected]) - 2003-11-11 22:09:12
Moving it all close to Chicago. I like that idea. Why couldn't they have founded the University of Michigan not in Ann Arbortion but instead in, say, Berrien Springs, or St. Joseph, or Stevensville?

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