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js ([email protected]) - 2003-10-30 10:10:46
Fuck tha police! Sorry. Just wanted to say that I'm glad you've turned the comments on. js

Art ([email protected]) - 2003-10-30 12:39:55
Even though I am a thrity-something, my opinion on the town-gown issue is much the same as it was when I was an undergrad, to wit: DID THESE IDIOTS NOT NOTICE THAT THERE WAS A UNIVERSITY IN THE TOWN WHEN THEY MOVED TO ANN ARBOR. COLLEGES HAVE STUDENTS, WHO TEND TO AHVE PARTIES, AND DRINK BEER AND THINGS LIKE THAT. WHY DON'T THEY MOVE!!!!

Art () - 2003-10-30 12:42:27
btw, you may want to check out Robert Honigman's website www.universitysecrets.com This guy focuses on U-M, rather than Ann Arbor, but he has some splendid things to say.

Boris () - 2003-10-30 12:44:45
I think your idea is a capital one -- move the U of M to a real city (hell, move it out of Michigan if need be) and leave these pseudo-conscientious, hand-wringing neighborhood hall monitors to weather the economic backlash as best they can. The comfortable lifestyle of double lattes and foreign films that the "respectable bourgeoisie" of Ann Arbor prize so highly is built on the backs (and bank accounts) of the students they despise (and fear) so much. Without a fresh crop of students to bilk every year the AA slumlords will be raising rabbits in their backyards just to make it through the hungry winters.

Frank () - 2003-10-31 05:18:29
I wish Michigan was somewhere like where Northwestern is. Closer to Chicago, farther from Detroit.

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