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Mer () - 2003-11-01 17:05:15
So... you're not a cafe customer if you're going to take a couple hours to drink your chai tea? I cry foul.

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-01 19:02:08
Yeah, I would think that if you have a caf (I'm not sure if it actually is "caf" or if the News' website couldn't print out an 'e' with an acute accent) purchase, you are by definition a caf customer.

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-02 03:09:07
By the way, these comment pages are formatted all weird because Diaryland is behaving strangely.

Larry Kestenbaum ([email protected]) - 2003-11-03 12:35:28
It's not just the Ann Arbor News: it's very common lately to see special characters (such as letters with umlauts or accents) simply omitted in print or web versions of news stories.

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-03 13:34:43

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