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js ([email protected]) - 2003-11-04 14:06:03
Rick Lax? Are you in the 1st ward too? js

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-04 14:11:48

js ([email protected]) - 2003-11-04 17:15:25
I voted for Rob Haug. Lax seemed like too much of a naive student prick for me to get behind him (based on the Goodspeed questionaire). I'm not at U-M, so it's less important for me to get a student elected than it is to get someone I agree with. And besides, Bob Johnson (Christ, that sounds like a fake name. I bet he's on the lam from some crime spree in another state) will get elected anyway. I would have voted for Johnson if there were a Republican challenger. js

Brandon () - 2003-11-04 18:12:13
Another fine piece of reporting by the Daily. I voted for Rob Haug, by the way. Lax's campaign sure was a well-oiled machine, though-- I support that. He is too obsessed with students in lieu of other issues (I graduated in April) and gives off an impression of some egotism. Haug is a bit older and more experienced; he's been involved with the local Greens for years, and I think he has a better handle on the Greenbelt issue-- sustainability is indeed key.

Joe () - 2003-11-04 20:29:46
At around 5:00pm, there was only one other person at my voting place too ...

Jon ([email protected]) - 2003-11-04 21:22:15
I voted for Rob Haug out of the Olde First Ward. After enduring the summer in the sprawl of Seoul, I can appreciate a little greenery. With my soon-to-be exodus out of Annarbour, I hope my 'yes' on the greenbelt will turn the "20 square miles of reality" into 30 sq mi...you can't have too much of a good thing.

Jon ([email protected]) - 2003-11-04 21:40:49
...with my exodus ending on the other side of the proposed greenbelt.

ann arbor is overrated () - 2003-11-04 21:59:04
Yeah, Lax may be inexperienced, but I think he's pretty insightful. A whole City Council of him might not be a good thing, but one of him would be terrific. Haug was a good candidate too.

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