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slim () - 2003-11-06 11:55:23
yes follow those guidlines and you will finally be popular.

js ([email protected]) - 2003-11-06 13:36:47
I wrote something like this, back when it was funny. js

ardee (@.) - 2003-11-07 02:41:35
"Perfectly quaffed" hair, eh? I suppose they didn't spill a drop ...

steve ([email protected]) - 2003-11-08 12:34:36
God, I fucking hate the music scene in ann arbor. Rest assured, I am done going to anna arbor. The city must be avoided at all costs. Believe me, the next time i venture into the town, it will be to destroy that mirror at the blind pig. The blind pig is poser headquarters. Lets have a bunch of brats with a bunch of expensive clothes on, give me thier interpretation of life. I don't fucking think so. All posers will die when i smash that fucking mirror. --kurt cobains heroin dealer

js ([email protected]) - 2003-11-10 14:21:27
C'mon, Steve, you use a fuckin' AOL email address. How hardcore can you be? Ann Arbor does OK for music, considering the tremendous amount of bullshit college bands that exist, and the antipathy of Detroit. Shaddap and pay some attention instead of just bitching, and you might even find some Ann Arbor bands worth listening to. js

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